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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 7:00am-7:06am EDT

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at things like economic popularity and income inequality are playing out. nd a look at the impact big game hunting is having on the south fe situations in africa. eff fur of the peta foundation joins us. spk host: good morning, welcome to "washington journal" for monday, 2015.t 17, as the end of summer gets closer and the beginning of the school kids across the country, we want to take a moment to find out from you how in the k things are economy with the consumer confidence, the unemployment situation, and the cost of living. how expensive are things? especially as you're buying things for the kids going back fall.hool, preparing for here's how to join the conversation. we've broken the lines up a this morning.ntly if your income is over $100,000
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202-748-8000. $100,000, 0,000 and 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. f you're unemployed, 202-748-8003. you can join the conversation on you can send us a twe or send an e-mail the u.s. consumer confidence is s back sharply in july their headline. and related story too from the associated press reported in a from rents toper, hair cuts, americans start to feel price hikes. apartment rents are up. so are prices for restaurant eals, hair cuts, gym memberships and a cup of coffee
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for american consumers who have used to flat and falling rices, an unfamiliar sight has emerged, inflation is ticking remain price increases modest and in many cases they're cancelled out by price declines keeping inflation historically low. sense of this is sadiq ready. the consumer confidence for july, not that great. but the signs of inflation cause some ust worries not just for politicians in washington, families a it ome, but the political candidates as well. guest: it does become fodder political candidates. we've been through a period of recovery of economic since the recession ended in 2009 where inflation has been relatively tame. been tame for a surprisingly long period. usually you can see it coming that, of ecession course, inflation is going to
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remain low in the recession lower, where s businesses have less pricing power. years out, youew see inflation tick up. you see prices across the board strength.gain you haven't really seen it in every area since then. ut now, now that we're at this point where things start to -- seem to be improving a little unemployment got quite low right now. and there's some factors that a little lower than it probably seems to most people. but that means that inflation is up just a but its's only in certain areas. it's happening in renes, i in a pretty ning frightening way for a lot of people in rents with housing pretty quickly. but there are -- as you said, there are areas that balance it out. costs rtation particularly because of fuel have been tumbling over the last year. that is causing some relief for drivers. entirelyourse, doesn't capture enough to offset areas
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like rent that are climbing. host: what about consumer spending, overall consumer ticking with prices back up. re consumers reining back in their spending. guest: consumers are slow to pick up the spending. it's not that surprising given what we've seen in the economy. he consumers are fairly reluctant to go out and splurge. they haven't been spending a ton of money, particularly for the americans not f seeing meaningful wage the ases, you don't have money to spend. people in higher income tiers, particularly those who have investments in the stock markets, you've seen the luxury sector really take off over the last few years. that's just a sign of where the gains have gone in this recovery. this in the e headline in "the wall street journal" and elsewhere, this confidence. what goes into calculating the confidence level. consumer confidence and sentiment, a couple of surveys.
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poll sentiment -- it's a of american ms. so it goes and asks whether the about the ling economy is better now than it was a month ago and whether your sixctations for the economy months from now -- from now are better than they were in the last survey. it's tracking it based on what are your feeling, what are expectations for the economy, and you can get a little bit of noise in those based on some of the more volatile elements of of spending. for instance, when gas prices precipitously, consumer sentiment tends to pop up. when gas prices rise, consumer fall.ment tends to so there's a close relationship there. these surveys also track based income and also track inflation and what people are expecting for inflation. the experience of the last few years, most americans are not expecting to necessarily take


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